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What's so Bad about Radon?

Radon gas exposure is the second biggest cause of lung cancer, after cigarette smoking. This radioactive gas is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, making it difficult to detect its presence without a professional radon test. Every year, about 18,000 people die of lung cancer caused by excessive radon exposure. It's further estimated that every 1 in 15 U.S. households has above-threshold radon concentration levels, as recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

What Exactly Is Radon?

Radon (Rn) is one of the heaviest known gases and radioactive. With such high radioactive characteristics, it can also damage the DNA of a living cell leading to abnormalities and a variety of health conditions.

Though radon can be found in almost anywhere across the globe, radon concentration levels can be unusually high in homes in regions with high levels of ground uranium, including specific regions in New England and northern parts of America.

What Can You Do about Radon?

The first step to protect yourself and your family is to check the concentration of radon in the home. We provide radon tests using specialized equipment to give you an accurate measurement of radon concentration levels. If the radon measurement is greater than 4 picocuries per liter, then it is recommended that you install a radon mitigation system. The most common radon mitigation systems use a fan to pull in radon from beneath the house, and vent it outdoors where it is quickly diluted to safe levels.

Radon Testing
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The only way to know whether or not radon poses a danger to you and your family is to have a radon test performed by a certified inspector. Schedule your test now or give us a call at (347) 286-8696.