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What Is Thermal Imaging?

An infra-red home inspection, also known as thermal imaging, involves using an advanced infra-red camera that can spot even the mildest differences in thermal levels across a single surface. Infrared home inspections enable us to identify issues that cannot be seen otherwise with the naked eye in a standard home inspection. It uses state-of-the-art equipment to determine the thermal levels. Only certified and highly trained inspectors can use this equipment and interpret the obtained readings.

Thermal imaging allows us to find problems when they are still minor and less costly to fix. By the time the problem becomes evident enough to be seen by the naked eye, it may have grown too worse for minor and inexpensive repairs. This type of inspection is incredibly useful in uncovering the following hidden problems:

  • Moisture problems: plumbing leaks, roof leaks, moisture penetration in the foundation
  • Fire hazards: electrical panels and other components that may experience overheating
  • Energy loss: poor or missing insulation, poor construction, design flaws, windows, doors

Costly Energy Loss

Loss of energy can happen because of faulty construction, poor design and insulation, and malfunctioning systems. Thermal imaging allows us to check for energy loss through the attic, doors, ceiling, flooring, roof, and other non-insulated spots.

Moisture Issues

An infrared home inspection also enables us to detect potential moisture levels in your home. Excessive moisture can lead to mold growth, furniture damage, structural damage, and several health conditions. Moisture levels can be high for several reasons, including a roof leakage, plumbing leakage, faulty air conditioning, and more. Since our device for thermal imaging isn't capable of directly detecting high moisture levels, we use an advanced moisture meter for that purpose.

Hot Spots & Fire Hazards

Thermal imaging helps us determine any hot and cold spots in the home due to a malfunctioning HVAC system, lack of insulation, electrical faults, or excessively hot water pipes. Issues in the electrical wiring are of significant concern, as they can lead to overloaded HVAC components and increase the risk of fire hazard.

Thermal (Infrared) Imaging For Home Inspections
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