4 Critical Signs You May Have Foundation Issues

By Admin Wednesday July 14, 2021

Leaving a problem with your home’s foundation unaddressed could ruin your house, since it supports the rest of the structure. With that in mind, here are some critical signs that yourfoundation is experiencing some problems.

Cracked Drywall

Cracks in walls are typically bad omens. Vertical cracks suggest that there may be a foundation problem, but these cracks could also be symptomatic of other issues. For example, vertical cracks could also be because of your house settling (i.e., gradually sinking into the ground).

However, diagonal cracks or horizontal cracks are more alarming. Since the foundation supports your home, these types of cracks mean the foundation is moving. Diagonal cracks suggest rotation or shifting, which is a severe foundation problem.


As suggested above, settling is not always a reason to be alarmed. In fact, foundation settling is a natural process that is expected of all structures.

However, settling can turn into sinking, leaving your house noticeably lopsided. If you can tell that there is a difference of some inches between parts of your house that are supposedly the same level, you have a foundation problem on your hands.

Cracked Chimneys

Another sign of problematic sinking is cracked chimneys. An unlevel foundation can cause the chimney to crack, and even break. If the foundation’s imbalance is enough to cause your chimney to crack, it needs repairs as soon as possible.

Basement Odor

Mildew is a fungus that produces a musty smell and a thin white coating wherever it grows. The mold that produces mildew tends to settle on moist and damp surfaces. There is an array of things that contribute to basement moisture, such as humidity and insufficient drainage.

However, moisture seeping through cracks in a home’s foundation is a major cause of mildew. If you smell mildew’s musty smell or see efflorescence, it will require some maintenance, cleaning, and removal before the situation becomes worse.

If you are not confident in your ability to identify foundation problems, contact us, at Clear Sight Inspections. Our pre-purchase and maintenance home inspections will identify any problems with your house’s foundations. We offer our services in Staten IslandBrooklyn, and the rest of New York City’s boroughs. Get in touch to make sure your house stays standing.


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