7 Reasons To Get A Home Inspection On A New Home

By Admin Friday November 11, 2022

Few homeowners question the necessity of a home inspection when buying a pre-occupied property. In reality, most of these property offers have a clause that enables the buyer to pull out of a transaction if a problem is discovered during the home inspection, making them a vital part of the home-buying process.

But many buyers still wonder whether a home inspection in Staten Island, NY, is necessary when purchasing a new property. After all, a brand-new house couldn’t have any problems. And for some, it was specifically designed to meet your needs.

But even recently-built homes may have problems, and local building standard inspections are rarely reliable.

However, you still have options! The home of your dreams is still available for purchase, but before you close the deal, investing in a new construction inspection is a wise decision.

Common Issues Found In New Constructions

Home inspectors know what to look for during new construction inspections. Despite having a beautiful front, newly built homes may hide several problems. The following are among the most common issues inspectors will check for:

  • Structural flaws, including incorrect grading, weak construction, or cracked foundations.
  • Window leaks, drainage problems, and grading problems.
  • Electrical issues, like poorly wired outlets, exposed grounds, and a lack of switch plates.
  • Plumbing problems, like leaks, incorrect piping, and reversed hot/cold water taps.
  • Incomplete buildings, such as missing insulation, railings, or fixtures.

When you hire a home inspector, they will also consider your area’s state, city, and county building codes. They will search for all the problems mentioned above and check the connections to municipal water pipelines, the soil, the elevation, the frame, the appliances, the HVAC system, and more.

Should I Get An Inspection On A New Home?

Simply put, more than a final walk-through with the builder is required. A professional home inspector will protect your best interests and warn you of any potential problems with the property. 

If you are still not convinced, here are a few reasons that will convince you to get your new construction home inspected:

Even Newly Constructed Homes Aren’t Flawless.

Many contractors, resources, and construction techniques are needed when building a house. A typical home might contain up to 10,000 components. With so many factors at play, things should be noticed or addressed.

Here are a few other examples of problems that you may uncover during an inspection of new construction:

  • Missing soffits leading to pest infestation
  • Plumbing leaks behind the external siding
  • Roof flashing that is missing or inadequate, causing moisture damage
  • A roof with loose or incorrectly fitted shingles
  • Electrical problems like bad wiring or unresponsive outlets could be potential fire hazards

A builder will advise you to wait until after moving in to see if any problems arise because the house is still covered by warranty. Due to a lack of testing equipment or an inability to access a rooftop like a home inspector, most homeowners need help identifying problems with electricity, roofing, etc. 

While it is crucial to have an 11-month warranty inspection, there is no reason to let issues persist for nearly a year when they could potentially result in additional damage or safety concerns. Fortunately, you can fix these problems before you move in.

Not All Houses Are Built To The Highest Standards

This could be due to a number of factors.

Sometimes the builder is inexperienced. At times, they may be cutting corners to save money.

Furthermore, builders frequently subcontract parts of the construction to other sub-contractors.The competence and skill of these subcontractors can impact the property’s overall quality.

Finally, some builders only adhere to the most fundamental building codes. While it may be adequate to pass municipal inspection, they may need to pay more attention to some essential but critical aspects of construction.

New home inspections allow you to hold the builder accountable for their mistakes. They also make the problems discovered during the inspection easier to correct because the builder is still present.

Human Error Is Always An Issue

Home Inspection


Humans are prone to making mistakes. Even the best builders make mistakes. Time constraints, sudden distractions, or fatigue can all contribute to these errors.

New home inspections enable you to detect and correct these flaws before they worsen.

Peace Of Mind

A house is one of the most significant purchases and investments that anyone makes in their lifetime. The contentment and peace of mind that a home inspection could provide are among the most significant reasons to have one when purchasing a home. The costs associated with purchasing a home are relatively high by any means.

The primary goal of a home inspection is to ensure that the house is structurally sound and safe. By declining the opportunity to get your home inspected, you may be creating unnecessary stress and anxiety for yourself. If you conduct a home inspection, you will have the added sense of security that you are purchasing a solid and safe home.


Another reason to get a home inspection when purchasing a home is that it is not expensive. Because buying a house is such a huge investment, the negligible cost of a home inspection should help make the decision to get a home inspection easy, even if you are extremely comfortable with the home you are purchasing.

Buyers who forgo their right to a home inspection quite often regret not spending a few hundred dollars required to hire a home inspector.

Get Any Issues Resolved Before Moving In

Though the cost of a home inspection may look unnecessary when you are already spending thousands of dollars on purchasing a home, you may need more to have one.

A seemingly minor issue, such as a small crack in the driveway, can sometimes lead to a more significant problem by allowing water to damage the cement. If it freezes, it may expand the size of the cracks, resulting in a costly repair bill.

You’ll also have to deal with the nuances of getting quotes and the trouble of having contractors on your property. If this occurs while you are at home, it may raise privacy and safety concerns. 

It is preferable to address these concerns before moving in. Addressing them will keep these issues from causing additional damage to the house over time.

How Many Times Should A New Construction Home Get Inspected?

Homeowners should ensure new construction inspections, including those during and after construction:

The Foundation Inspection

A foundation inspection ensures that the home’s foundation is placed for long-lasting success just before the construction workers pour the foundation for your home. Builders cannot correct the foundation once it has been poured, so this inspection is critical for homebuyers o be involved from the start.

Elevation, drainage, grading, vent and water lines and plumbing are verified during this stage.

Framing Inspection


The framing inspection on newly constructed homes occurs before the installation of drywall but after the installation of water lines, utility lines, and electrical wiring. It is an excellent chance for a home inspector to search for significant defects that would be difficult to detect during a standard inspection, such as plumbing or electrical issues. 

If an issue is discovered, it is simpler to fix it at this phase because the builders do not have to pull down the entire wall.

Beams, nails, screws, bearings, studs, plates, water intrusion, leaks, mold risks, plumbing, electric wiring, draft stopping, and HVAC ducts are inspected.

The Standard Home Inspection

This is the third (potential) inspection for those involved in the building process and the first possible home inspection for property owners purchasing an already-built brand-new home.

This home inspection is equivalent to one performed on a formerly lived-in home, and it should be scheduled right after the construction is completed and the house has been deemed up to the local building code by the city. Ideally, do it before your final inspection or walk-through so your builder can immediately address any issues discovered. However, please only put off this inspection so long that it causes a delay in closing.

The roof, chimney, home opening, gutters, deck, insulation, crawlspaces, thermostat, ventilation, sump pumps, sinks, appliances, electrical systems, fire safety, shed, driveway, patio, and other areas are all checked thoroughly.

The 1–Year Warranty Inspection

Many newly constructed houses come with a warranty, and it’s critical to understand the specifics of your potential home. The typical construction warranty is 1- year and covers some elements for an extended period.

This construction warranty is essential for anyone purchasing a brand-new home. New construction houses settle over time, and any major defect that was not apparent before may become evident months later. As a result, it’s a good idea to make the most of your one-year warranty by having your house inspected for the final time before it expires.

To be safe, we recommend performing your one-year inspection around the 11-month mark.

Reputable builders will be willing to work with you to plan your home inspection(s). It’s best to notify them of your home inspection plans. They can assist you in adequately scheduling inspections so you don’t unintentionally schedule a pre-drywall inspection on the day drywall is meant to go up.

It’s customary for your builder to ask your house inspector for confirmation of insurance and license before letting them on the property.


A new home inspection is one of the most effective methods for safeguarding your life and investment, whether you’re having your ultimate dream home constructed to your specifications or purchasing an already-built home to avoid the challenges of an older house.


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