After a Bad Storm: 3 Signs Your Roof Has Storm Damage

By Admin Wednesday July 14, 2021

The strong winds, rainfall, and debris that arise during a storm can damage your home. And since your roof is your house’s first lines of defense, it takes a beating. Even a well-made roof is not invulnerable. Over time, damage and wear-and-tear will accumulate, and it won’t protect you from the next storm.

Here are some signs that indicate a need for roof repairs after storm damage.

Shingles and Flashings

Shingles are overlapping or connected tiles that line your roof. They’re typically tightly sealed to protect your roof and the rest of your house from the elements. Flashings, on the other hand, are metallic sheets that strengthen and weatherproof roofs.

Storms come with powerful winds, and these winds can harm shingles and flashings in two ways. Firstly, these winds have enough force to break the shingles—and their seals—and tear the flashings. Secondly, they’re strong enough to carry debris that can also damage flashings and shingles if it impacts your roof with enough force. Fortunately, it is easy to identify this kind of damage. Broken shingles and torn flashings are apparent, and if you see significant spaces (1–2 inches) between your roof’s shingles, the seals are broken.


Checking your roof’s integrity may not be possible, especially if your roof is slanted or multiple stories high. Moreover, even if you do, you may miss small cracks. If you cannot directly spot roof damage, there are some other signs that indicate a compromised roof.

The most apparent sign of roof damage is a leak. Check your attic for dripping water or a puddle. Depending on how long it has been since the storm occurred, you may also find mildew and moss.


Gutters are generally attached to the perimeter of a roof. Storms can easily crack and unhinge gutters. If your gutters are compromised, water and roof debris can accumulate and spill over into your backyard.

Alternatively, water may accumulate on your roof, which will lead to more damage, such as moss growth.

If you suspect storm damage, contact us, at Clear Sight Inspections, for maintenance home inspections in the Bronx, Queens, and New York City’s other boroughs. Get in touch, and we will identify any damage that your roof may have sustained.


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