Thinking You’d Do Well Without a Home Inspection? You’re Thinking Wrong

By Admin Wednesday July 14, 2021

For many people who want to buy a house, home inspections aren’t exactly something they take seriously. They think self-inspections are enough. And if you happen to be one of these people, you’re in for a surprise—because home inspections do more than just give you a second opinion on the house you intend to buy.

Home inspectors are seasoned professionals who have a keen eye for detail and who can spot defects in a property straight away. This will eventually help you because…

Repair Costs

With a property that someone has lived in, you’re looking at a long list of repairs—which, without a professional home inspection to help you with, you might never even identify. Sure, the homeowner will tell you some things about the house, but how sure are you that they aren’t hiding key information from you?

The thing about repairs is, they’re costly. If you forego addressing them, they’ll just add up and worsen over time, resulting in greater unnecessary spending several years later. If you buy a damaged property without negotiating in context of the repairs, you’re paying more than you ought to. If you’re buying a house and then paying for the repairs you weren’t told about, you’re spending more than you decided, and are possibly going over your budget.

Either way, it’s bad news for you. A home inspector can help you avoid both of these situations.

Past History

One of the things that home buyers miss out on is that houses aren’t just brick and mortar. They have histories—and often, these histories have a major effect on their resale value. Histories such as homicides, dark pasts, and—for the superstitious—hauntings can effectively render a property’s price lower than it ought to be.

The problem here is that even when a home seller is legally obliged to disclose all such information to you at the time of the closing, they might keep it from you. A home inspector will dig it all out and warn you in time.

Remember: when you buy a house, you’re doing so much more than simply purchasing a place to live in. You’re making an investment that should fetch you a higher price in the future—and a shoddy house history won’t let you do that.   

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