Why a Pre-purchase Building Inspection is Essential?

By Admin Thursday February 9, 2023

Pre-purchase building inspections should be performed before you commit to buying a home. While it is a crucial part of home-buying, most individuals ignore it. However, hiring an expert to inspect a home before purchasing is crucial. Assessing the building before you buy it will help you spot any overdue structural problems or maintenance. If you don’t have an inspection before buying a home or property, you’re leaving yourself open to all the hazards that come along with the deal. Taking precautions in every area can ensure the building’s stability and save money in the long term. Before signing any contracts, you should know why and how pre-purchase building inspections are used.

: Do You Have to Pay a premium to get a Pre-Purchase home Inspection Done on a Building?

The cost of hiring a professional building inspector is affected by several variables, including the location and size of the property being inspected. The amount your building inspector will charge you is a terrific safety net when you consider the number of potential damages the building may incur in the future and the expense of fixing them.

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When doing an inspection, what are the common things inspectors look for?

When conducting a pre-purchase building inspection, inspectors look for serious structural flaws and typically ignore minor faults with the quality and condition of materials and finishes. 

Furthermore, there are varying requirements for what a pre-purchase building inspection must cover from one state to the next.

Reasons why a pre-purchase Building Inspection is essential?

Identifies the safety of the structure:

It’s exceedingly rare that a house on the market would be structurally unsafe to the point of imminent collapse, but caution pays off in the end. There is little chance of getting a spotless report on a previously owned house. Even if everything appears in order from the exterior, a home building inspector can spot problems that the untrained eye might miss.

  • Major horizontal, vertical, or step cracks
  • Moisture intrusions on the structural walls
  • The roofing has begun to deteriorate.
  • Rotting beams. 

If you hire an inspector, they will assess the property’s condition and give you a comprehensive report detailing their findings.


Once the pre-purchase building inspection is finished, a comprehensive report is given to the requesting party. In-depth descriptions of the problems discovered on the property are included in this report rather than just a laundry list. What you might find in a regular building inspection report:

  • Time and date the inspection occurred
  • Areas inspected
  • Narrative style reporting
  • Images of the home and the areas of concern
  • . The weather conditions

More importantly, the report will include specifics and recommendations for correcting the property’s flaws.  The building inspector may also provide the approximate age and useful life of the building’s components and appliances. The customer can use this data to plan their repair budget.

Comprehensive Analysis of other structures:

A building inspector’s keen eye may be needed not only on the structure itself but also on other aspects of a property. Did you realize other structures like sheds and patios also require inspection? Damage, neglect, or termite damage are often found in the other structures not attached to the main building.  Consult with your building inspector to make sure that they are inspecting these structures as well.

Understanding your repair budget:

Inspections are both money and sometimes lifesaving during remodeling projects. It may be very attractive to purchase a home in need of repairs due to its lower entry cost, however inspecting the structure before you buy will save you money in the long run. A pre-purchase building inspection will reveal all the problems and provide a detailed report of what needs to be done immediately versus things that can be done later. After that, you can consider getting professional estimates for the necessary repairs to create a thorough budget for repair charges and remodeling

Potential dangers:

You need to ensure your new place is safe enough to call home. An inspection before buying a home might help you find any hazards that could put your family in danger. This includes disclosing whether or not harmful contaminants like asbestos, mold, and mildew are present in the home. If there’s any structural damage, your family could be in danger. 

Additionally, all potential sources of electrical or fire damage must be eliminated. A fire or electrocution could be caused by improper wiring, and missing or inoperable smoke detectors would only worsen matters. An expert assessment will give you confidence that your loved ones are safe and sound.

Trying to Get the Best Deal:

Pre-purchase inspection reports are can be used as a negotiating tool to help purchasers receive the best deal possible. The report’s negative findings can be used to the buyer’s advantage if they want to go through with the purchase. Customers may request a price reduction if they discover damage to the property during their inspection. Both parties benefit from this arrangement, as the seller is spared additional labor for a relatively modest reduction in cost. Also, understand that many homes are sold “as is” thus, an inspection report is crucial for the buyer to fully understand what they are buying and what to expect to repair now or in the future.

Identify Potential Fire Dangers:

Even though no home is completely safe against fires, there are actions you can do to reduce the risk that your home may catch on fire. The presence of electrical hazards, such as faulty wiring that could lead to a fire or electrocution, is one of the main reasons to have a building inspected. Although it is possible to remedy these electrical problems, it is crucial to know precisely what has to be fixed and how critical it is. An inspection report will also point out the locations of the smoke detectors and, if accessible, open the electrical panels to look for any fire hazards like cloth wiring, double tapping, and overheating of wires.

Inspecting your house for unsafe areas:

When purchasing a home for your family, you naturally want to ensure it’s move in ready and free of any potential hazards. Potential safety issues in a house, such as asbestos, loose balusters, and wall cracks, may be uncovered during a pre purchase home inspection. Once you know about potential dangers, you should take on the expense of fixing them.

A Guarantee That No Pests Have Damaged Anything:

An experienced building inspector will not let even a millimeter of space slip unnoticed. This entails thoroughly examining the structure, from the ceiling to the floor joists below. A pre-purchase inspection would only be complete with checking for termites. Methods of termite detection such as tapping or testing timber, thermal imaging, radar meters, and moisture measurements are practical since termites are not like ordinary ants in that they go around in the open. 


Understandably, nobody looking for a new home is eager to spend more money and time on a building inspection. Yet, such an inspection is essential before making an offer. Instead of buying something without knowing precisely what it is, you should have a professional building and pest inspection to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting.


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