3 Signs There is Mold in Your Home

By Admin Wednesday July 14, 2021

Mold is a common issue in most houses. It can cause structural issues and negatively impact your health.

It is important to keep a lookout for mold in places that are continually exposed to moisture and oxygen like damp walls, crawlspaces, ceiling tiles, under sinks, and around plumbing pipes.

Here are a few signs that your house is harboring mold, according to the EPA and the CDC.

  1. Musty Smells from HVAC Systems

If you notice your home has a bit of a musty or moldy smell, this might be an indication of a mold issue. HVAC systems offer the perfect environment for mold growth since they are dark, damp, and exposed to warm temperatures when not in use. Placing an air conditioner in the basement during the winters can further increase the likelihood of mold growth.

Therefore, it is important to get your heating and cooling systems checked out by a specialist if you notice any musty smells. Also be sure to hire home inspection services before you buy a home to ensure there aren’t any lingering mold problems that you are unaware of.

  1. Wallpaper Peeling Off

Over a period of time, you can expect some scruffiness and discoloration to strike your wallpaper, but unusual surface abnormalities like cracking, bubbling, or peeling off wallpaper indicate the presence of moisture in the walls.

Since moisture is a definite precursor to mold, make sure you keep an eye out and pay attention to areas that look warped or damp.

  1. Unrelenting Allergy Symptoms

Mold species produce mycotoxins that can trigger a variety of health problems. People allergic to indoor mold may experience year-round symptoms like cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, etc. Mold can also trigger an asthma attack in asthmatic people.

Studies have shown that people without pre-existing lung conditions can also experience symptoms like nasal congestion if they live in a house with moisture accumulation.

Additionally, people allergic to mycotoxins may experience itching and burning sensations when they unknowingly get in contact with mold in their homes. As a result, the body releases histamines that cause hives and itchy skin.

Keep in mind that mold is perfectly capable of infesting clothing so avoid drying your laundry on indoor racks or leaving wet towels on the floor.

Mold growth on the fibers of your clothes may be the reason behind your constant skin irritation.

Is Mold Hiding In The Home You Are Buying? Hire Professional House Inspection Services

Mold often goes undetected in its earlier stages as first-time home buyers or even home owners can easily mistake it for dirt.

Have the home professionally inspected before you buy it; home inspectors have the expertise to detect obvious signs of mold or water damage. Mold inspection also requires particular knowledge of HVAC systems, exteriors, roofs, and plumbing systems.

Our home inspectors serving Southern New York State and Long Island, including Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island can help you protect your investment by giving you an unbiased analysis of the property’s condition and the problems associated with it.

Get in touch with some of the best home inspectors in Brooklyn right away.


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